Selecting an Agent

At Crawford Hoying our agents are highly qualified, diversely experienced, and well-informed on local market trends. By maintaining a diligent work ethic that emphasizes transparency, our staff promises to make your goals a reality. Whether it’s finding the right home, advising you through the purchasing process, negotiating on your behalf or connecting you with other esteemed professionals, we are here to back you every step of the way.

Finding Your Home

To know what the perfect home looks like, we have to know you. We prioritize your wants and needs and focus on finding a home that meets both these demands and your budget. This personalized approach paired with our comprehensive knowledge guarantees success in the home shopping process.

Closing Process

Closing on a home is an exhilarating accomplishment that can often be undermined by the process itself. Being a full-service real estate and development firm, Crawford Hoying can relieve that burden. Our experienced lawyers and well-connected staff ensure a smooth closing process that is almost completely internally orchestrated.

Financing Your Home

Most investments have at least a few financing options and we strive to find the one best for you. Given our extensive experience, we can aid you in evaluating your options and provide perspective where needed. Most importantly, we work with preferred lenders that are knowledgeable on our assets and great points of contact for our clients. This built-in pre-approval process promises you won’t take on any investments you can’t handle.

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